Wearing the yoga pants which reveal all imperfection (metaphorically speaking)

If you read “two simple things” and thought, “perhaps not so simple” – this post is a first suggestion on extravagant love.

I recently presented a women’s armor of God analogy to my Bible study ladies – in addition to the breastplate of righteousness and the sword of the Spirit and such (which are critical and worthy of due study) – I suggested, tongue in cheek, that we don the yoga pants which reveal our imperfections.

It’s no secret that wearing a form fitting pair of jersey knit pants may not be forgiving of our bottom half. I know they don’t flatter my stretched and sometimes bulging mother-and-proud body; some Christians believe they are immodest. I won’t settle that debate here, I know. But I do know that as humans generally and Christians specifically, we tend to try to cover up our flaws. Not I, you say? Well, run through this checklist and tell me you’ve never:

– stuffed clutter away when a guest unexpectedly comes to your home

– said “fine” when you feel not so

– posted a social media update that was cropped or exaggerated

There’s no shame in these things. There are a million little ways we posture to friends and strangers alike. When you find and become a true friend, that posturing can become a barrier to extravagant love.

Want to show that love to someone? Let them know it’s ok that their house/car/child isn’t tidy. Because sometimes, neither is yours.

Answer a question asked with sincerity. If you don’t feel fine, say so. Doing so invites your friend to respond in kind.

Post the truth. Reveal the honest afflictions of life. Let others see your light shine brightly, while seeing that perfection is neither expected nor attained in your life.

Be honest, be real.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

And be the friend, the mother, the sister, the teacher, the wife, the girlfriend, the very person you want to know and be loved by.


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