my beloveds

Nell means “bright, shining one” (English), but it is also the name of my dear great-grandmother and a number of generations before and after.

Michael is “Who is like God?” (Hebrew) and of course is the name of the archangel. It comes literally from “who is like El?”

since this post derives from a discussion on the historical importance of names, specifically as it relates to the names of God aka El, I can appreciate the significance of the names of my beloveds, of my wonderful children.

If I were to say that I named my children with their future in mind I’d be lying. I actually looked backwards for names I thought would give them an identity and a history. accidentally though it seems I stumbled upon a great purpose. what do I desire for my children except that they know God and become lights of the world? in that they are named perfectly. if Nell is a bright, shining one because of Christ then my every perfect hope for her is fulfilled. and if Michael can inspire people to seek the identity of God as his name requires, I shall be a very happy mama indeed. knowing what I do now about the significance of names, I wouldn’t feel right calling them anything else.


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