I know my Gilmore Girls: a rebuttal

I’ve seen some posts listing the top five episodes of Gilmore Girls in honor of their recent move to Netflix. However, my complete series collection of DVDs is well worn and I am a trustworthy expert on what the best episodes actually are. Narrowing it to five is tough, but read ’em and then go Netflix, friend.

5. Those are Strings, Pinocchio, season 3, episode 22

It’s possible she never lets it go. I’m just saying.

4. Face-Off, season 3, episode 15

“How do I set my watch to “later”?” Just trust me.

3. Pulp Friction, season 5, episode 5

I like Logan, as unlikely as that may be. This one is a classic. If I ever dress up for Halloween, which is super unlikely, it will be like this.

2. Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out, season 6, episode 8

AKA the return of Jess.

1. You Jump, I Jump, Jack, season 5, episode 7

the aesthetics of this episode make me want to be Rory Gilmore more than just about anything. The idea of speaking without “e” is both strenuous and cool. The tents? The lanterns? The outfits!

“A once in a lifetime opportunity!” “Only if you want it to be”.

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